Each man is a universe within himself. The planets, therefore, represent energy centers within the etheric body. From these energy centers, the whole destiny of the natal chart manifests.

Energy Astrology describes the nature of the ten energy centers and their natal chart “signatures.” It also explains practical exercises for bringing them into balance, i.e., for correcting negative planetary scripts.

Energy astrology blends cutting-edge knowledge of energy exercises and energy psychology about the connections between chakras and planets.

Join thousands of people who have already experienced the benefits of Energy Astrology through our programs:

  • Energy Astrology online – Balance your planets

This program enables you to develop balance with your natal planets. It consists of 10 lectures and exercises, including a “planetary essence balance formula” for each of the 10 planets. The entire course takes 10 months.

EA Course fee: $100.00 a month (per session), or $900.00 if paid in advance for the entire course.

  • Energy Astrology Certification Training
    This program also enables you to develop balance with your natal planets, and at the end of this program you become a certified Energy Astrology Trainer.
    EACT Course fee: $150.00 a month (per session), or $1,300.00 if paid in advance for the entire course.
    This fee includes all the lectures, “planetary essence balance formulas” and consultations with Lea, as well as a whole weekend final Training and Examination that is happening live!
  • Energy Astrology Consultation
    A one-hour consultation with Lea enables you to define your planetary energy balance. By balancing a particular planetary center with the Energy Astrology practice and “planetary essence balance formulas,” you can balance different areas of your life.
    EA Consultation fee: $200.00

The Energy Astrology program was created and developed by Dr. Lea Imsiragic, MD in magneto biology at the medical faculty (a new discipline that discovers how electromagnetic fields [chakras] work in our body). She combines knowledge from different fields (magneto biology, energy psychology, flower essences and acupuncture) with astrology, enabling her to create a unique system of diagnosis and healing with Energy astrology.

This program starts on Thursday, OCTOBER 4, 2018

For application and more info, please contact lea@keplerunited.org