Within 1st year of astrological studies student gains knowledge on natal astrology that will provide him/her solid foundations for further astrological practice. After successful completions of 1st year’s program, every student is enabled to do interpretation of natal chart on all main life fields anticipated in Institute’s program.

First Year Curriculum

First year of astrological studies at Institute „Johannes Kepler“ consists of 120 regular lectures, 28 mandatory seminar lessons and 12 workshops.

Regular lectures

In scope of 10 months studies, student attends 120 regular lectures within 9 subjects:

1. The Planets in Astrology
Within this subject student is introduced to nature of planets, their motion (their speed, stationary and retrograde motion), planetary dignities, dominant planets and impact of planets without aspects.

2. The Astrological Signs and Houses
This subject is tailored to build students’ capacity to understand main nature and characteristics of signs, their elements, qualities and polarities. Within the subject special attention is given to definition of enclosed sign, as well as to definition of difference between signs and constellations having the same name. Also, students are taught about chart angles and their relation to the signs and planets (angular, succeeding and cadent houses), as well as on houses’ rulers and system of derivate houses (ability to rotate the chart). It also includes steps of synthesis when planet and sign, planet and house, sign and house are combined, as well as when there is combination of all three: planet, sign and house.

3. The Aspects
Within this subject student is taught on main (Ptolemy’s) aspects as well as on minor aspects. It includes practical application of orb’s nature of the aspects and planetary configurations, but also steps of synthesis related interplanetary aspects.

4. The Astrological Calculations
Student is taught to make a chart, on planetary and houses cusps longitudes and declinations. There is presented logic of calendar, time zones and different time changes.

5. The Astrological Grammar and Combinatory
There is, in practical level, exercised combinatory of astrological symbols (signs, planets and houses), astrological series, as well as whole mechanism of astrological deduction by combinatory of the astrological symbols. Within this subject student develops ability to create concrete images of events during chart interpretation followed by understanding of psychological characteristics that unconsciously impact creation of particular situation.

6. The Fields of Life – Astrological Interpretation I
This subject presumes interpretation of natal charts and introduction to astrological codes for following topics:

  • Psychological profile and intentions of a person
  • Love and marriage
  • Sexuality
  • Children, pregnancy
  • Family

7. The Fields of Life – Astrological Interpretation II
This subject presumes interpretation of natal charts and introduction to astrological codes for following topics:

  • Career and profession
  • Money
  • Education
  • Foreign countries, travels, traffic/commuting
  • Talents
  • Spiritual potentials

8. The Fields of Life – Astrological Interpretation III
This subject presumes interpretation of natal charts and introduction to astrological codes for following topics:

  • Health and diseases, chart vitality, length of life
  • Dangerous situations
  • Stature and image
  • Astrologer in the chart of a client
  • Talent and code for the astrologer

9. The Astrological Synthesis
This subject is introducing student to the mechanism of identification of the dominant features, potentials and conflicts in the natal chart as well as to definition of the key principle that links (syntheses) all chart’s data into logical wholeness.

Mandatory seminars in 1st year

During 1st year of studies student is obliged to attend 4 mandatory seminars, consisting of 28 lessons in total.

1. The Ethics in Astrological Practice – seminar (4 lessons)
Within this seminar students are learning about models of communication with clients, but on attitude towards astrological practice and its presentation in public as well. Also, there are discussed ethic issues that may appear in work with clients during chart interpretation and responses to particular questions.

2. The General Astrological Education – seminar (8 lessons)
During this seminar students are introduced with the facts related astrology both from scientific and historical perspectives. Also, there are elaborated the most frequently asked academic questions astrologers are facing with, as well as facts presented by prominent scientists being engaged in scientific astrological researches both through history and nowadays. Additionally, students are trained to use various techniques of astrological software.

3. The Degrees of Zodiac – seminar (8 lessons)
This seminar introduces students to the specific nature of individual Zodiacal degrees, already contained in the intelligence of the Circle.

4. The Optional Seminar of Foreign Lecturer – seminar (8 lessons)
Student can chose any seminar conducted by foreign lecturers, in minimal duration of 8 lessons.