Astrological education in Institute lasts 3 years. During studies students gain knowledge on all astrological fields and techniques which are exercised in practice by astrologers around world. Total of required lessons attended within 3 year studies is 360 lessons (3 x 120), with additional mandatory fund of 12 seminars (108 lessons in total) and 36 workshops (total of 72 lessons).


Lectures can be attended both within regular studies lessons and by studies via correspondence. In both cases student is required to take exams in 27 subject during three year studies, meaning in 9 subjects for each study year. For more information on subjects, please refer to curriculum for particular year.

Lectures within regular studies

Student attends regular lectures in Belgrade, once a week, composed of three lessons in one set. One study year is presented in 40 working weeks. In other cities where astrology studies are organized, students also attend 120 regular lectures, but not necessarily in same dynamic (once a week, three lessons set of lectures). Schedule may be adapted to the needs existing in particular cities.

Lectures within studies via correspondence

Studies via correspondence are conducted exclusively by Internet, meaning through information exchange by email. Advantage of this model of studies is that through comprehensive exchange of information with its mentor, student has excellent opportunity for success, since student – mentor relation is 1:1, while within regular lectures this relation is 1:10 or 1:15 (depending on number of students).

Studies via correspondence is conducted in period of 40 weeks, once a week, where every correspondent student gets the same lectures as his colleagues at regular lectures, since all regular lectures are recorded, typed and sent in form of transcribe. Lectures and tasks sent to the student are adapted to her/his individual rhythm and development. If correspondent student is not able to attend certain seminar, she/he can receive it in form of DVD.

Correspondent student also receives content of workshops held with regular students, only in text form with all examples and results of given exercises.


Within seminars student gain additional knowledge and insights, which are not incorporated in content of regular lectures. There are mandatory and optional seminars.

Mandatory seminars

During three years of astrological studies at the Institute, student attends 12 mandatory seminars, making total of 108 lessons. There are: 4 mandatory seminars in 1st year (total of 28 lessons); 4 mandatory seminars in 2nd year with total of 32 lessons, and 4 mandatory seminars in 3rd year with required total of 48 lessons.

For more information on seminars, please refer to the curriculum for the particular year.

Optional seminars

Beside mandatory seminars, student cans, according her/his own interest, attend any other seminar organized within the Institute. This seminars will be register in her/his student file, her/his knowledge in particular seminar will be graded and number of seminar lessons will be calculated within total fund of attended seminar lessons – in this case it will be over 108 lessons, which is precondition for post-graduate education and research.


During three year studies, student should attend 36 workshops in total (12 in each study year). Single workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Workshops are integral part of astrological studies and they are held according schedule for each year, approximately one after every three weeks. Most of the workshops are mandatory. Workshops are held on Fridays and they are moderated by Institute’s teaching assistants. The main purpose of the workshops is to exercise and work out issues presented earlier in the lectures. In this way student firms his knowledge through practical examples.


After each lecture student gets appropriate homework. Homework is integral and mandatory segment of studies, since each homework is checked and graded. Related to its performance lecturer gives answers on existing questions and dilemmas, as well as needed instructions and guidelines.

Average mark of all homeworks, together with mark from exam, makes final mark in particular subject. If student is not satisfied with mark received for homework, she/he may ask to do another homework from the same field.

The main purpose of continuous examination and gradation of student’s homeworks is to develop her/his astrological way of thinking, logic and deduction, as well as skill of interpretation, which are substantial grounds of every astrologer. Additionally, this gives opportunity to the lecturer to follow personal development of each student.


Within her/his astrological studies student is obligated to submit 4 essays, where she/he must submit one essay in 1st and 2nd years and 2 essays within 3rd year.

In 1st year student should write essays on any topic from area of natal astrology, according her/his own interest. After student gives all exams from 1st year, essay is final precondition for receiving Certificate on Natal Astrology Knowledge.

In 2nd year, essay should cover some topic and area student has listen within 2nd year regular lectures (predictive astrology, astrology of relations, electional or horary astrology).

In 3rd year student is required to submit two essays – one in area of karmic astrology and one optional, which can cover any topic (except those she/he has already presented in previous essays).

Students are fully instructed how to write essays are research projects, but also they have on their disposal all additional literature they may need, astro databases and help of mentor with expertise in area they have chosen for their essays.

Final Papers

After student completes second year of studies and passes final/graduate exam, she/he gets certificate and earns title of the Astrological Consultant. After completion of third year of studies and successfully passed final/graduate exam, student earns title of Astrologer Instructor.

Final paper for the Astrological Consultant presumes written paper where student combines methods of natal and predictive astrology or natal and astrology of relations or all three together.

Final paper for the Astrologer Instructor presumes written paper where student combines methods from two or more astrology branches, but the condition is that one of the branches must be linked to content of the regular subjects in third year.

Being awarded by Institute’s diplomas allows one to use in front of her/his name title of Dipl. Astrol. Cons. or Dipl. Astrol. Teach. Additionally, those who are awarded by diplomas can be register in list of consultants or lecturers recommended by Institute (regardless to the fact if they continue cooperation with the Institute or not).

After earning diploma for Astrologer Instructor (when three year studies are completed) student also fulfils main precondition to get ISAR’s international professional astrologer certificate.

Institute provides opportunity to all its students who complete three year studies to continue cooperation either within Institute itself or by opportunity to her/his own students to take exams within Institute.