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The Four Gates of Karma

The science that aims to explain why life assigned a certain role to someone – a role defined by gender, race, origins, and from there by one’s status and various other factors – is karmic astrology.

Getting to know one's previous embodiments also means getting to know the future ones, because past and future are bound with an invisible thread into one. That unity lives in the present and is visible in all circumstances and deeds of a person in their current incarnation.

The people surrounding us represent our past and remind us of the lives and roles we used to play, whether we liked them or not. We provide them with confirmation with every reaction to them, and therefore sign up for our future and the next life. These are often small steps, because similar things attract each other, so the future life will be similar to a previous one. However, the Soul longs only for nobility and to enrich with unity all that it has already lived through.

If the purpose of Natal Astrology is to explain what will happen in a person’s life, and Predictive Astrology to point to when something will happen, then it is Karmic Astrology that gives an explanation of why and how a person has created their particular destiny.

Karmic and Reincarnation Astrology describe a person’s previous lives that led to their current circumstances, illuminating the purpose they need to fulfill in their present life, as well as the roles they will play in their future lives.

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